Viber Marked 40 million Registered users in India


Viber, popular Instant messaging service registered the new success mark in India. As per the company statistics Viber crossed 40 Millions registered users in India. In December 2013 company announced to have the 13 millions active users now it reached at new peak. In global viber has 516 million unique users in 193 countries.
Viber giant keep growing very faster to stay in competition with other popular messaging service. Vibar is well known for its Voice call and its clarity in 3G or WiFi networks. Viber also has the support for the Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. Make a HD video calls with best quality and also send text messages or photo from PC.

Recently company Announced the Viber Public Chat feature, let it allows to stay closer to your favorite personality by following interested celebrities, brands, band. Get the updates all the time and be a part of conversation as well. Its good to hear that company is providing quality to its features and services and that is the core reason of growing numbers in Registered Indian users.

Vibar Is the Popular application worldwide and available in Each mobile operating system including  Android, Windows, iOS, Nokia, BlackBerry etc. If you have never experienced the Viber, its worth to give it Try. It provides the quality to its users.

Get closer to your Favorite Personalities with Viber Public Chats

Everybody wants to stay connected with each other on the move and that is why people started using mobile phones more than desktops. Popular mobile companies which provides the messaging and conversation options on the move making their huge business now a days. Viber is one of them. People across the Globe using the Viber Application to Make free international calls and doing gossips with their friends.

Viber recently introduced a new feature called Viber Public Chats which makes easier to follow your favorite celebrities, Bands, Brands, sports or whatever they are interested in. You can easily get the behind the scene of your favorite and also get detailed insights. You can be a part of conversation on public chat, whatever you are into including music, Sports, celebrities etc. You can Find the latest chats on viber. Find out who is vibing inside the application. Get popular chats as featured on the homepage and search anything else you wants to be part of.
Its not the different from celebrities sharing on the other sites like Facebook and Twitter but Talmon Marco, founder and CEO of Viber believes that because Viber lets the average user in on actual conversations, the content will feel a lot more real. and additionally Viber stands out as unique from the other messaging applications like Whatsapp, We chat, line and all.

Viber has 210 million monthly active users and which is less compare to the Whatsapp new hike 600 million monthly active users and 70 million monthly Active WhatsApp users only in India. Facebook messenger is another leading hits 500 Million fb users across the globe. That is the soul reason why marco sold company to Japanese internet company Rakuten for $900 million earlier this year and is making more and more effort to force users to switch platforms.

If you have not tried the Viber than Give it Try once in your Android or iOS mobile device. Download the app and enjoy new insights of public chats.

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