Facebook Integrated Whatsapp for FB Messenger application

Facebook, the biggest social networking giant started rolling out the new features faster to remain stable on the competitor world. Few moths back Facebook rolled out the Groups app to provide the powerful platform to get together and discuss the interested topics by following the group. Again Facebook step ahead and integrated the Whatsapp into the Updated Facebook messenger app.

Whatsapp send button was found on the New Facebook messenger app. Send icon is available on the right side of the Messenger with famous whatsapp icon and its the first move by whatsapp to integrate both the famous Mobile messaging platforms. Send button appears along with the Like, comment, share button under the each status update.
Hope this new change people enjoy and easily share the stuffs to their friends via the Facebook messenger to the Whatsapp. Facebook in fact fulfill the need of many smartphones messenger lovers to share the cool things very easily and rapidly from one platform to another.

After Whatsapp Acquired by Facebook last year there was rapid growth found in the Whatsapp platform and users graph reached the 70 millions active users in India. Also Whatsapp rolled out the Voice calling feature for the Messaging app to make free call to your contacts.

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