Teens using Facebook less: Prefer other Messaging Apps More !

As per the current Global Web index report, two thirds of the teenagers using Facebook less frequently compared to the other social messaging apps. When teens wants to share photos, messages then they only uses the other Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, we chat etc. Nearly 60% of the younger using the site less as they were used to. Message conversation in Facebook affected more due to this newer instant messaging apps.

Teenagers haven’t stopped using the Facebook but they minimized the use of it. They now loves to stay online on the move and conversation on the way. Even Facebook Messenger is the Mobile Instant messaging application by Facebook, teens loves the other Apps like WhatsApp, wechat, snapchat, Instagram, line etc. Teens using the apps which their friends are using. Messaging is affected same way Photo sharing on Facebook affected more.
As per the research, 83% of the internet users have the Facebook account but few of them using it regularly. So ratio of regular usage and number of users account is very low. Some of them checking the Facebook once a week and few of them checking once a month. So its the serious matter for Facebook and for that Facebook continued to improve their mobile services. Facebook considered this drops in active users as serious as it affecting the Facebook Advertising business. For targeting Mobile users Facebook also launched the Facebook Groups App for Mobile.

Now a days everyone wants to be active and online on the move and for that they only prefer the Most lightweight and most frequently used messaging and photo sharing apps. So they find it easy compared to Facebook sharing. That is the main reason of moving users to other apps and using Facebook less frequently.

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