Transfer File between Windows and Linux Machine using SCP

You can transfer files from one PC to another but you requires removable storage device. Some of us already knows the ways to transfer the files between two different machines without removable devices but its new for many of us. You can copy files between two Linux machines by using SCP. But if you are dealing with two different operating systems and you need it more frequently to share files between two distinct Os like, one windows and another is Linux or Unix, You requires some advanced steps because windows doesn’t knows the command which Linux knows. To do that just follow the brief steps.

Turn on two machines: 1 Linux and another Windows.
Ping both machines well. It is the first step before doing anything else. Assign the Ip address to both the machines and with the same network.

Assigning IPs:

Ex. Machine 1 Ip : (Linux)
Machine 2 Ip: (Windows)

Use ifconfig command for linux and ipconfig for windows machine to check the ip-address.
set the Ip-address for linux: open Terminal in linux and type ifconfig to check the Interface if it is eth0 or eth1.
Use below command to set ip address in linux.
ifconfig eth0 Ip

Where, eth0- Ethernet Interface.
Ip- Address which you want to assign.

For Windows Move to the Network connections and assign the Ip address to local network by right clicking it and properties.

Ping Both Machine:

Now both the machines are in same network. Now Try to ping both the PCs and check if it pings well. If there is the pinging issue then check for firewall and turnoff the firewall inside the windows. Hopefully it pings now.

Start Secured Shell Service:

Now turn on the ssh (secured shell) service in Linux machine by typing command service ssh start in terminal. You can check the status of service as well by typing the command service ssh status.
After doing that just install the WinSCP client inside the windows machine. Download it from Set the remote machine Ip address to connect as follow.

SCP login


Select the Protocol, Add remote machine Ip, Enter Username and password of remote machine also. Now press login and You are done! You are connected to the Linux as below and now you can transfer the files between windows and linux.
This is especially for the user who interacts most frequently with both the windows and linux machines.

Thanks and raise your issues in comment.

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