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If you are the Musician or Artist and have the Great collection of music to share with the World then one way is by using the Audio hosting services. But not all the Audio Hosting and streaming services are free. Only few of the services are free and known to the Users. Some of the Free Audio Streaming and hosting services are Underground and not known to all even they are very effective and popular. We Talked about the Two Audio Hosting and streaming services in one of our Previous article. So If you want to get Direct streaming of your Music and want to embed in the Website to get Direct streaming URL then Have a look at the Post link mentioned.

Free Audio Hosting – Best Audio/music Streaming server

These are the Very popular and Effective to get the Direct streaming URL for free and which fits the Users need. Now lets move to the Point to get more few services like this which allows the Streaming of music By embedding the Code into the Website. Go through the below All the Free online services to Stream the Music for free and share it to the World.


1) Soundcloud –

soundcloud is the very popular among all the artists and music recorders. They are having their own account on the site and all the artists and musicians followed by lots of fans around the globe. If you haven’t Tried the Soundcloud then Try it now. Register there or you can also get the favorite music embed code for you website to stream right inside your music website for free. You can also upload the Music and share among the fans and followers.

2) Mediafire –

MediaFire is just another Free File, Photos, Audio, Video hosting website which is having the free storage and you can also upgrade it to Premium to get some advanced features but it provides the 50GB of free space allows to access any of your file anytime and anywhere. Its Secured storage so your important data gets stored privately. Try once and i am sure you fall in love with it. You can host and stream the music inside your website by getting the Embedded code. Just put it into the website and you are good to go with streaming.

3) 4shared –

4shared is Just Like the Mediafire allowing free file sharing and storage. It allows to store and share the Audio, video, photos and documents files just for free. You can also use the sharing feature to spread your documents or file to others. It also provides the same feature of sharing and streaming like the mediafire. So 4shared is an alternative to mediafire.

4) Mixcloud –

mixcloud is little underground but it having the nice features like Re-Discover Radio, Listen Anywhere by Mixcloud Mobile App, Unlimited Uploads of music and No fees, No limits, No take-downs. I personally use this service and had better experience with streaming the music. Its sharing feature allows to share directly to Social networks or get the Player code to stream music inside the website. Use it. Its having the more powerful features.

5) Invisifile –

invisifile is another Underground but most effective audio Storage and sharing site. It gives the 10GB of free storage and it provides the easy and simple interface. I personally love this file sharing service because it allows to stream and Download the file just like the mediafire and 4shared. Its having the unfriendly interface so you can handle your account dashboard easily. Also provides the Embed audio feature for website.

6) Heardthatnew –

heardthatnew is the newest but popular service. I think you heard that new. Ha ha. 🙂 It gives nice audio player to embed to your site and also having the Like, Download and sharing features inside the Player. So users found this easy to get and share the music at once. Make your account and start sharing the Audio and you would start getting more and more fans and followers. So Its Last but Not least. Try it now.

If you tried any of the above service or similar audio Streaming and Hosting service then let us know your thoughts in the comment box right below.

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