Turn your Facebook Page into Website: No coding required

If you are running the business and don’t want to mess up with the coding and other stuffs to develop the Website and don’t have time to learn all the technical stuffs. Don’t worry, Team of three developers comes up with great idea for small business to make the world wide web presence in just few clicks via the Facebook Fan page.

Majority of the people market their business through Facebook and its the great way to get more users attentions on the go. Pager is the nice applications Developed by the smart persons which allows to turn your Facebook page into the Website with just easy clicks. You can further personalize your web experience by using the themes provided by Application.

“The main idea with this hack is to allow small businesses who use Facebook to manage a website,” Darrel-Day Guerrero told me. “With Facebook, they can just post to Facebook and everyone knows how it works,” Alex Ilea said.


Any one can setup the website by Facebook Page instance. Just run the Pager app and Login with credentials to allow the Fan Page access to the App. Select the page which you want to use and save it to make it live automatically. When you get the website live, You’ll find the four sections widely needed for any business. i.e. About, News, Events and Galleries. All your contact information and opening hours resides in About section. News section contains all the wall posts, events and galleries are pretty self-explanatory. Code for the Facebook API is almost ready.  “We were pretty productive until one or two A.M… then it was harder,” Ilea said.

You can access the Code which is present as a public on the GitHub, You can also set it up locally as described in the Setup section on Github.

Source: techcrunch

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