Way to Organize Gmail contacts: Remove duplicates

It is important to organize our email contacts to remove unnecessary and duplicate data. when we send email to anybody Gmail stores the contact in our contact list without notifying us. Sometimes we also store Email and mobile contacts in our contacts list manually. Google Plus also stores the contacts in our friend lists by Profile Id. So it is required to give some time to organize our contact list in useful manner such that we can export it later.

Logged in to your gmail account. In the new look of the Gmail you’ll find Gmail Label at the Top-Left corner above the compose button. Click on that and move to Contacts. Now you can see all your contacts are listed in junk way. Take your time to organize and to Find Duplicate contact. Gmail having feature to find Duplicate and merge it as we required.

On the Top Click on More button –> Find & Merge Duplicates.
It’ll Find Duplicate contacts in your list. Take time to analyze duplicate contacts before merge, because sometime you might have the contacts with same name, so Don’t allow it to merge. Uncheck the contact that you don’t want to merge. And After finalization, click on merge. It’ll merge Email from Gmail, Email from Other service provider, mobile and profile Id details as a single contact 🙂 Now you have the better contacts list. So in future you can access it rapidly to find all the contacts details of any user and can export contacts list to Excel file in more organized way.

You can also Unsubscribe from newsletters and group emails using simple technique to perform cleanup.

Thanks for your Time.

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