Android smart apps to make your phone smarter

Make your Android mobile smarter with smart mobile software. Here we are going to direct you to the smartest application software for android mobile which you can download freely. Android is the leading android software provider which you can download from official PlayStore. Check out the below list on Android smart apps

TigerText Secure Messenger:

TigerText is the leading app for secure and real time messaging. You can send your Text messages, Pictures or files with your contacts securely and you have the total control of your message. You can define time span after which the message self destructs and let you know when your massages have been read. You can communicate along with other company employes securely with this application. It is also possible to Secure Phone calls using Android.

Where’s My Droid:

It is the best application software which provides the cool feature as below.

  • You can customize phone in your way to ring, vibrate, siren, activate camera flash when it lost. GPS enabled feature allowed you to locate your phone when it lost.
  • Attention word feature allows what you want to do when you receives the specific word/phrase.
  • commander feature let you control your application from computer.
  • Camera feature take picture remotely with your phone and the taken photo will be uploaded to the website and you can see the image with the link that the application will text back.

Call Control:

By using the call control you can put any number in Blacklist, White-list. You can block number by phone number, Area code, Wild card. Wild Card is the cool feature. If you want to block the number series as it start with 322-444-??? . Here if you receive any call from mentioned digits will be blocked. it checks for the initial digits mentioned by you and block the entire series. This is useful feature if you want to block the company promotional calls. You can also mention the white list accordingly. Online backup feature for Blacklist and White-list is available. You can get much more call controlling feature along with it.

Mobile Vault:

This is the application software for Privacy purpose. With Vault you can protect you private SMS, pics videos or even Facebook messages and apps. Start using the mobile Vault to lock your confidential data.


Lookout is the application software which locate your lost phone on the map and not even locate but also providing the cool feature like remote lock, remote wipe, remote ringing and if your phone getting lost then you can manage all this with your computer.

Also let us know if you know any other Android smart apps. Stay Tech Tuned and Be Smart 🙂

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