Reduce Webpage/Website Bounce Rate: Rank Better


Writing Website or Blog properly and in meaningful way is important because it directly affects the Bounce rate. To minimize the webpage bounce rate we need to consider several things while writing article or tutorial. We can lower the website bounce rate by attracting the users on the site such that they can visit our website’s other pages also and gives time to read the content on the site. Follow the below best practices to reduce the bounce rate of website.


Write Article in Descriptive manner (include Image and videos if necessary):

To attract the users to the website we require the strong and attractive user interface and also requires the written article to be more interactive and which best describes the solution to the problems and also focus on the quality. The more step-by-step, meaningful and descriptive page, lower the bounce rate. Because visitors gives some time if you focus on quality content and also visit some other articles on your blog. I recommended you to use Images and videos if required because image best describes the content visually and helps the visitor to be understand the content better. So, in short Users give more time on your blog = Less Bounce Rate.

Use site Interlinking:

Site Interlinking is the best way to do SEO. Along with that if you want your visitors read content and understand it from scratch then use inter-linked keywords. Suppose you mentioned keyword which is new then use interlinking of that keyword such that if user click on that linked keyword, he/she will be redirected to the other page from site which best describes the keyword. Now after reading and understanding the keyword user came back to the original article and resume with further reading. The more returning users to the site = lower bounce rate.

Use Social Medias to share your content:

Social networking sites plays vital role to gets more user engagements and more comments on your content. Share your Content on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to get more views and you’ll get traffic to website by real peoples. Add interested people to your network by niche of your content. Use YouTube to get more User Engagement to Your Website. Record your Own Video and Be Interactive to your audience to get more Traffic. It’ll helps to get more unique visitors and returning visitors as well. So your website becomes popular because you’re sharing quality content to your interested audience and getting more returning users to your site which in turn lower the Bounce Rate.

Avoid using Auto surf site for your website or Blog:

People using Auto surf site to get higher page views and visitors to their site but doing so affects the website bounce rate because in Auto surf program, pages of the website automatically closed after specific seconds and sometimes your webpage not even loaded properly and gets exit. So users are not actually reading the content, Auto surf does all that things and in few seconds your web page visited and closed automatically at specified interval which maximize the bounce rate and in turn affects the Ranking of website.

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Website Off page optimization to grow online Business

Website search engine optimization categorized in two parts. One is On-page Optimization and another is Off page optimization. We have previously seen the effective techniques used for Website on page optimization and got response from people that is very powerful techniques and every blogger or website owner should follow to build reputed business online. Same way off page optimization useful to become more famous and get more user engagement online to grow the business. Here i am reveling some cool tech tricks which helps you to grow your monthly business income.

I am Online Internet marketer from Last few years and i noticed one thing that most of the people are focusing on writing only content to their blog but they are not getting more views and so they starts spamming on social network and by the time they losses their reputation and failed to get more online. I recommend you some easy and powerful stuffs that you should follow in your business to maximize the earnings.

Create Page for your business in every social sites but do not SPAM !

Most of the people start building the business page but they are not focusing on what quality business required! Yes they continues to spam everywhere. If they are using Facebook then They Post on Facebook groups and not even consider the guideline of any group and just posting to get more clicks and sometimes they are not considering the peoples interest also their post content and community niche mismatch. Same way people are spamming at LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Posting on Single niche specific social group is OK. but posting it on multiple group creates the bad impression of yours and your business as well. So please write the quality content and share only it to limited places to get quality audience.

Create How-To Video of your content to get quality audience !

Online Marketing is all about to understand the human psychology. People loves to watch the online video content instead of reading the Article or blog. After searching through google if anyone find the popular post on first page and video of same topic then they prefer to click on the video first. and follows the visual steps in video. Use proper video capture tools and sound to record the video. After viewing the video people become confident on specific content and got the confident knowledge and as further steps they subscribes to you as they loves your content and this is how it grows the business reputation.

Make the video which having the proper sound and the visual effect to get more user clicks otherwise if you having the low quality video then it affect your reputation and earnings as well.

Blogging for your Business website !

Having business website is not the enough to get more users and website is not even indexed to search engines. To index and rank in the search engine requires that you write the quality content of your products and write blog posts more frequently such that search engine can re crawl your site and index better in SERPs.

Create the unique content for your business blog and also creates the categories and post the categorized post. If you are not good at writing then i suggest you to hire somebody or freelance the work.

Blog or forum Marketing !

Search for the other forums or the blogs online which having the same niche as your blog and try to be the part of discussion and solve the problems by commenting on blog and share your ideas to the forums thread and which allows you to mention your blogs comment along with your reply. Such blogs or forums known as “Do-Follow” forums or blog and which helps search engines to crawl your site.

Also know what is Do-not follow link

Search Engine Submission !

Adding URL to the search engine helps web crawlers to quickly crawl the website. Use the Google, yahoo, bing URL or homepage submission.

See How to submit the Website to search engines !

Directory Submission !

People are thinking that directory submission is not working but it works for me. Of course it doesn’t works if you are to failed to select the proper niche. Yeah, Select the proper niche of the directory before submit. It takes some time to be effective but it works well.

Social Bookmarking !

Adding website link or post to the popular bookmarking site like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. These bookmarking sites are really great and once you get the article popularity in any of the network then your website gets the massive audience and comments and likes and google and other search engine quickly index the site on first page.

Answer questions and discuss!

It is the activity like back linking. Remain active in the websites like Yahoo answers, Google Product forums and discuss inside with others. Mention your site link in answer if somebody asked question which is related to your site and which in turn add values to your site.

Other techniques like photo sharing, Business review, article submission also helps you to grow your business reputation and get quality audience and customers online.

I hope you found this article helpful with full off page optimization techniques and feel free to ask question or comment below! Thanks 🙂

Website On Page Optimization to get More Traffic

Search Engine Optimization broadly divided in two areas. On-page Optimization which covers coding and designing part of the website. Off-page Optimization covers the sharing and bookmarking activities. Let’s only focus on On-Page seo to deeply understand the strategies which peoples are using nowadays and which are the effective seo techniques today. On page optimization helps to index and rank your site better in search engines result pages. This optimization methodology gives your site organic traffic and viewed by the real people through search engines and let your site would never get the up and down in traffic (if all the pages well-optimized).
Let me walk you through every on page SEO strategy in details.

1. Meta Tag Optimization:

HTML Meta Tags helps search engines to understand the site structure and content in better way such that it becomes easy for crawlers to crawl and rank the site based on the HTML of the web page. It is the best way to perform the optimization through HTML. Let’s have a look at How to Set Meta tags on the Website HTML. It is the very effective technique to make your Blog or site search engine friendly.

2. Image Optimization:

It is nothing but the setting the Alternative property to the Image such that if image won’t be able to load properly by the web page then Alternate image text would be displayed on the Image and readers can easily understood the image an the major benefits of Image optimization is that search engines loves the well optimized images and Index higher in search directories. Image optimization is the Proper naming of the Image.
i.e. <img alt=Alternate Text src=”Image URL” title=”Title of Image“>
It is recommended to set the Image Properties in every Image on site.

3. Creating Robot.txt to allow only specific pages to be crawled:

Robot.txt determines how your website is being crawled because here inside the robot text file next to your domain name you can allow or deny the crawlers access to your website. It looks as below:
Ex: is the file and which contains the following information.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /Private/

Disallow the URL which you don’t want to be indexed by the search engines.

4. Competition Analysis and Keyword Research:

Lots of the blogs all over the world sharing the same set of information and so it becomes difficult by the search engines to determine which site is to be indexed first. Google and other search engine now having the algorithms which simplifies this work and detect the site which contains the keywords searched by the User in the Search box. Keyword competition also taken into account by the search algorithms to determine which is to be indexed first. To stay away from this competition and to create unique content by planning the keywords based on the monthly user searches use the Tool named Google Keyword Planner.
Let it allows to search the keyword phrase and shows you the relative keyword searches on monthly basis. Based on that you can choose which keywords typed most frequently by the visitors and plan according to that becomes easy. I found keyword research is the best Search engine optimization Technique to get the organic traffic.

5. Website Inter-Linking:

Inter-linking is the method of linking your website URL inside the Post pages such that users can easily navigate through the other important stuffs of your website and move around the web-site to get the detailed ideas on specific topics. Performing Inside Linking is the best way for On Page seo.

Other than that Lots of Interesting On-Page Optimization strategies which is required to be followed to be ranked better and to get Organic search clicks.

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Better website SEO requirements to rank better

If you want your site to be indexed better and improve possibility to be clicked by the users more frequently then you have to consider the recommended steps.

1. Create Page title unique and accurate:

Give the title tag <title>Your title goes here..</title> in well form such that it will available in the organic search results by search engines. Give the title meaningful to the page contents because when user type in the search engine for the specific search, search engine crawls the data and search for the title which best fits the search keywords. so it is important to set the small best page title.

2. Crating the Search description or snippet:

Search description is the small snippet which appears next to the title in the search result. You can use the title word inside the search engine snippet and describe it related to contents in 200-300 characters. search engines also matches for the search description words and which include all the words and the site which updated more frequently, get indexed first.

3. Give better URL structure:

Your site Permalink URL must be meaningful and must not contains the crappy stuffs like “dhfjd/32f.html” It must be Well Formatted Like “Posts/Get Indexed by Google.html”. The better the URL parameters the more chances to be indexed. Choose the url which is easy for the search engines and the users to be understand.

4. Maintain Proper Directory structure and navigation:

It is important to arrange the contents of the site in more meaningful way from root directory. Root contains all the pages like our tabs in the blog How-To, Security, Linux, Windows, About, Contact and all those are further divided into sub categories. Limiting No. of Posts in label pages is also important to minimize the page load time.

5.Create the sitemap for the website and remove unnecessary pages:

Several website provides the sitemap creation facility. create your own site map for the site and use the Google webmaster Tools to add the sitemap and link it.
Remove the pages from search results which shows 404- not found error on the webmaster tools after linking.

6. upload and name the image:

After uploading the image on the website name it with properly and also use the alt-text, which is the text shown on the image which display the image description if image is not fully loaded if the internet connection is slow. Search engine also crawls the web based on the text on the image and index better. Better the image description having the more chances to be indexed in Image search.

7. Use Robots.txt to  allow or deny the crawling:

If you are some of the site pages which you do not want to be crawled by the crawlers then you can deny it using the Disallows tag. Allow all the other stuffs. Robots.txt file is next to the domain name
which shows the following information

User-agent: *
Disallow: /Private/

8. Use Google Webmaster toots to highlight the data:

It is important to highlight the data such that  it becomes easier for the search engine to understand the content in more meaningful way. Web Data Highlight gives you the more guide how data highlighting works and how to do it.

Follow the above mentioned steps and you will find your site better indexed and it’ll get organic search traffic in few days.

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Google Webmaster Data Highlighter for SEO

Highlighting your website data in the meaningful way such that the Google crawlers can easily understand what your site is about and what are the importance of contents. Google Webmasters Tools allows you to organize the data in the structured manner.

Go to the Webmaster Tools. Add your site or blog to it. You can choose www or non www version of the website. Add both if possible for differentiating both the results.

Now go to the Search Appearances – Data Highlighter.

You’ll find the button Start Highlighting. Click on it.
Add the any URL of your blog post. Select the type of the information which you want to highlight. You can select it according to the category of your website.

Select option if you want to Tag only single page or page others related to that.

Now highlighter allows you to Highlight the contents of your site.

On the Right panel you’ll find the Article options like Title, Author, Date, Image, Category, Rating etc.

Now on the left side on your article page start selecting the content and it’ll allows you to Tag.

As you select and tag the contents, it’ll be available on the right side panel.

Note : Highlight the contents in the relevant and more meaningful manner such that it becomes easy for the Google crawlers to understand the contents for better indexing otherwise your site might not get better indexing in search result.

Select Title, Image, Author, Rating and Date Properly. As you organize the contents in meaningful way the more chances to be quickly indexed by Google.

After completion of highlighting process the webmaster tools creates the related page sets and you can verify the page sets for rest of the highlight process.

Highlight each URL correctly and remove errors if any. Publish the Page set and you are done.

Google crawling the site more frequently and as it re-crawls your site, the contents will be available in search results.

Along with adding sitemap to the Webmasters Tools, it is important to organize the data in the format understandable to the Web Spider for better SEO.

Also see Recommendation for better website SEO for newbie blogger.

Happy Highlighting 🙂