Reduce Webpage/Website Bounce Rate: Rank Better

Writing Website or Blog properly and in meaningful way is important because it directly affects the Bounce rate. To minimize the webpage bounce rate we need to consider several things while writing article or tutorial. We can lower the website bounce rate by attracting the users on the site such that they can visit our website’s other pages also and gives time to read the content on the site. Follow the below best practices to reduce the bounce rate of website.


Write Article in Descriptive manner (include Image and videos if necessary):

To attract the users to the website we require the strong and attractive user interface and also requires the written article to be more interactive and which best describes the solution to the problems and also focus on the quality. The more step-by-step, meaningful and descriptive page, lower the bounce rate. Because visitors gives some time if you focus on quality content and also visit some other articles on your blog. I recommended you to use Images and videos if required because image best describes the content visually and helps the visitor to be understand the content better. So, in short Users give more time on your blog = Less Bounce Rate.

Use site Interlinking:

Site Interlinking is the best way to do SEO. Along with that if you want your visitors read content and understand it from scratch then use inter-linked keywords. Suppose you mentioned keyword which is new then use interlinking of that keyword such that if user click on that linked keyword, he/she will be redirected to the other page from site which best describes the keyword. Now after reading and understanding the keyword user came back to the original article and resume with further reading. The more returning users to the site = lower bounce rate.

Use Social Medias to share your content:

Social networking sites plays vital role to gets more user engagements and more comments on your content. Share your Content on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to get more views and you’ll get traffic to website by real peoples. Add interested people to your network by niche of your content. Use YouTube to get more User Engagement to Your Website. Record your Own Video and Be Interactive to your audience to get more Traffic. It’ll helps to get more unique visitors and returning visitors as well. So your website becomes popular because you’re sharing quality content to your interested audience and getting more returning users to your site which in turn lower the Bounce Rate.

Avoid using Auto surf site for your website or Blog:

People using Auto surf site to get higher page views and visitors to their site but doing so affects the website bounce rate because in Auto surf program, pages of the website automatically closed after specific seconds and sometimes your webpage not even loaded properly and gets exit. So users are not actually reading the content, Auto surf does all that things and in few seconds your web page visited and closed automatically at specified interval which maximize the bounce rate and in turn affects the Ranking of website.

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