Don’t worry if you See Drop in Instagram Followers

Instagram is the Social Photos and videos sharing platform where people everyday shares their photos and videos with others. Instagram recently announced that it has reached the new milestone of 300 million active users excluding the Spam and Fake accounts. If you found the Decrease in the Number of Followers and Following lists then you don’t need to worry because Instagram is making the Community clear by removing the Fake and Spam accounts. Some people have noticed their Follower/Following list decreased in count.

Instagram now took serious actions to all the accounts in the Instagram service. Instagram kicks out the users who are violating the community guidelines. Company already started actions in removing the spammy and fake accounts in April 2014 and now by the end of the December it should totally fixed and Community would become Spam free. Instagram is the best way to share your personal lives by sharing photos and videos but Instagram respect every accounts with user rights. So don’t post the photos and videos which you don’t have rights to share. Instagram also respect the Every age users. So Don’t post the Nudity and mature contents as Instagram posts visible to the young 13 years old peoples. If you are flagged against sharing the Prohibited photos and videos which leads to sale of goods including firearms, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, adult products etc. then Instagram will take serious action against your account and it may deactivate or delete your account if required.
Previously Instagram focused only on deactivation of the Fake accounts but now They targeted to delete the fake accounts. so the deleted accounts now no longer appear in followers or following count.

Instagram announced as an official blog update that, “we remove accounts from Instagram that don’t follow our community guidelines and it shouldn’t affect engagement from authentic accounts that comment and like on your sharing.” If you want to keep maintain your account longer with Instagram then you must read the Community Guidelines. Guidelines which helps you to figure out what Instagram service loves and respects.

Instagram stated to maintain the Verified badge on celebrities, Brands, athletes and musicians account as Facebook and Twitter does, the main goal is to remove the fake bot accounts from the Instagram ans serving the better spam free social sharing experience to their users.

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