Verify weebly site with webmasters: Alternative to HTML file Upload

Weebly is the easy website or blog building platform. It’s totally newbie friendly. No coding required. Anybody can easily drag and drop and make the site in few minutes. It is also having the high ranking in the Google and #1 to provide free website building support. It is the one of the most lovable site compared to other web creation sites. After building if you want to track the performance through webmasters tools then you can!

If you do not know how to verify the weebly site or failed to verify with the HTML file upload option then here is the Alternative.

Verify weebly site with HTML meta tag:

Go to the Google Webmasters Tools, Add the site which you want to verify excluding www. i.e. “” or “”.

On the next page it will ask Verify your ownership of website. HTML file upload is the option but sometimes it doesn’t works !

I suggest you to move to the Alternative Methods as shown in image below. Click on the radio button “HTML Tag”. It’ll shows the code as shown in the picture.
Copy that code and move to your weebly site and inside the Settings> SEO there is the “Header code” option available. Paste the copied code inside the header code as mentioned below. Save the Site and Publish it !
Now move to the Webmasters tools and click on verify button. Hope you are succeeded in verification.

Thanks and comment below if it worked for you.

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