Facebook Making stronger Insider Search: Ending relationship with Bing

Facebook, social network who partnered with Microsoft Bing search engine for providing the Better web search results in the Facebook social network but Facebook is now ending the relationship with Bing and trying to make the Insider Search much better by serving the posts that have been shared with you. Facebook social network decided to give the results from Facebook instead of serving the external web results.
Facebook usage growing day by day and People always shares the things they love right inside the Facebook. They share the Every links and updates on the move. so why to use external Bing search results ? Everything people need in which they are on the social network. Means Facebook search shows you the results in which you are or the posts shared with you. Facebook planned to focus on the giving the best social search experience after the Graph search. So Now when you search inside the Facebook top search bar, you won’t see web search results from Microsoft Bing but you’ll find the social results or posts which have been shared with you and unique to you.

Facebook made recent updates to its blog about Making the Search quicker where you can search the Photos, videos, posts inside the search box. Enter the query like “John Marriage”, it’ll prompt you the Photos, Posts, People, Pages and places associated with that particular event. Facebook also announced the Quick search inside the Mobile to get search facility on the move.

So, Facebook drops out the Microsoft Bing web results and making independent local stronger search. It does not affects other Search engines because after all its the Facebook Social Network Insider search. People who wants the relevant and connected stories inside the Facebook then they are most welcomed on FB local search.

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