Facebook Thanks Video Tool – Nice way to Say Thanks to Friends

Everyone using the Facebook Now a days to share theirs lovely moments and some peoples are very much addicted and they loves to share the each moments throughout the day from morning to evening by sharing their emotions and ideas. If you are one of them who loves to share the Photos, Messages, Status and more with your Friends then You are going love this new Facebook Say Thanks Feature. Millions of peoples using the Facebook everyday and they keep finding the several ways to celebrate their friendship with the closed one.


Facebook announced this new cool Say Thanks feature on November 12, 2014. Now its easy to say Thanks to your co-worker, Friend, Old friend or anyone who made your day or year special. By This new Feature you can now easily create the Small video clip by Just selecting the Photos of your choice and then selecting the Theme of your Choice. By default it picks the best photos for your video with your selected friend and you can also have option to re-edit the video by picking the photos of your choice. There is no limit of creating the Personalized videos and share it to your Friend’s Timeline.

How it Works –

Move to the URL facebook.com/thanks and It’ll allows to select the Friend to whom you want to say Thanks.

Once you selected the friend it’ll automatically create the Preview video for you to Share with some Photos of you and Your Friend.
You can also edit the photos and put the photos which best describe your Thank you Message.
Click “Share” when you are happy with the Video and it’ll allows you to put the personalized message before posting. The video will be available to your Timeline and your friend will be tagged on it. So it will available to their Facebook timeline also.
Look at the Demo Thanks Video by Official Facebook News-

This cool Say Thanks by Facebook rolled out for both Mobile and Desktop versions. Create the Say Thanks Video in English, Indonesian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.

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