Google X Loon Internet Project Testing in Australia: Google’s Gift to Australia

Google started Project Loon last year to provide the Internet to all the users worldwide rural areas where internet is not yet available. The Project first Tested at New Zealand in June 2013. Initially it was tested by pilot testers and was working pretty fine according to company. Loon project has been in development phase since mid 2011 at Google X. The Google lab also working at the Google Glass.
Google started the same project in the Australia. Company will test the Loon Baloon Internet in western Queensland in December and partnered with the Telstra. The Ballon will stay at above the Earth surface in stratosphere. The Whole management will be done from the Earth. See more Working of Loon.

Telstra will supply the base stations for effective communication to ballons and space on the spectrum. The main goal of the company is the covering the major remote area of the earth where its difficult to get internet and bringing internet to the two-thirds of people. Company hoping that one day this loon project cover the areas which is struck by Natural disasters.

Lets see how Google helps the unwired areas in Australia to get access to the Internet through this Google Loon Project.

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