Free Audio Hosting: Best Audio/music Streaming server

Do you have paid hosting for your site? If yes than you can host your audio inside any directory and stream music there. If you don’t have any hosting provider and using free hosting services then there is the restriction for the file upload limit. If you have music website and want to stream lots of audio files online then even paid hosting is not sufficient if you have limited space. You required unlimited storage for your website. If you Don’t want to waste money in paid hosting for only streaming music then i suggest you to use the free hosting servers. There are lots of free hosting servers out there which provide to host files larger in sizes. But some of them gives us the Direct streaming audio file which we can embedded in our website and stream audio there.

After digging lot on the internet i found two web services which allows to stream audio inside the website without any cost. Yes Its Free. Here i am showing you how to Use it and Stream audio inside the webpage.


Mediafire is the one of the best and free media hosting solution. It gives you 10BG free space to use. It is having easy file uploader interface and also gives you directory structure to store your files in well structured manner. Media fire delete the free account if you are not using it for long time but they remind you before deleting it. So it is one of the best free media hosting server as per my experience and is totally Spam-free.


How to Stream Audio Inside Website:

After uploading audio file successfully to the mediafire you can stream audio right inside the website you want. Before getting the audio stream URL let’s see which are the players you can use inside your website.
Players To use: Losts of free Players available out there on the Internet. You can use any of your choice. I have Used Flash MP3 player in example.

How to get the Audio streaming URL from Media Fire:

Move to the Media Fire Audio location which you want to stream. Click the Link Icon on right side.
Select the Download Button. It will gives you two Option one Listen and another is Download. Right click the Download button and Copy the Link location and Paste it Inside the HTML embedded code of your site as below.

<object data=”” height=”20″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”200″>
<param name=”movie” value=”” />
<param name=”bgcolor” value=”#ffffff” />
<param name=”FlashVars” value=”mp3=″ />

Red color url is the MP3 streaming URL for player. You can also set the Height and width of the Player inside the Object code. Save the Code and View the webpage and You can see it’ll start streaming audio.

Woo55: woo55 is the another popular audio hosting server which allows to stream audio URL for free. Here you don’t need to register. Just Upload audio URL directly and get the stream URL and embed it inside the website.

How to get the Audio Streamed URL from Woo55: Upload the Audio first. Click on Download Link.. option it’ll open the new window and which is having the option to play and Download. Click on Save Target As.. link and copy the Link location. This is the Actual stream URL. Paste it inside the webpage. Here you can use the Player or also link directly as an Anchor text and you are done. When visitor click on play button or Download Anchor text It’ll start streaming. As simple as that.

Hope you Enjoyed Audio Streaming Tutorial.

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