Get more Pageviews by Interested Peoples: Social Media Tips

If you are not getting good traffic to your blog then its only your mistake because as a blogger you are writing more and more and taking too much time for writing the content but few more things you should consider to make the Blog more popular around the world. Writing articles with quality content is the good way to get more traffic but proper platform to publish the content is needed to get more page views from passionate peoples.

Here i am suggesting some cool tips which really gonna helps you to get more clicks from social networks and which in turn improve your search engine rank.

Share Blog Post only on the Niche Specific Communities or Group

If your Blog Post is About SEO then share it only on the SEO related groups or communities. Some of the Peoples having the bad habit of posting the contents on everywhere without considering the Niche of the Group or community.
I run the Community In Facebook and Google+ and As an Admin I faced lots of peoples around me who trying to share their website or blog content irrelevant to the niche. It is not going to helpful for you and the community owner as well because no one is interested in your SEO post content other then SEO group and i always denied and block the peoples sometime when it comes to the community reputation.

I also suggest you to follow the Powerful Off-Page Optimization tips to build successful online business.

Tag only Interested peoples in your post – Considering communities

Tagging is the best option provided by Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social medias out there. But keep in mind that Tagging the People who are not loves your niche will badly affect your online reputation and they consider your Post content as spam and warn you to remove the TAG. So i suggest you to always tag the people which you thinks are really interested in your post.

One better option is suggest is to tag the people inside the Group Post. Yeah you could have option to tag the members of the groups or communities along with your group post. So whenever you post the new content in group then try to tag some of the passionate peoples inside that community such that they would reply or comment to your posts and which in turn Improve your Pageviews and Ranking.

Other than that follow the Powerful SEO Techniques which really helps you to build reputation online and get more followers.
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