Get More Views on your YouTube Videos

YouTube is the Very Popular Video Sharing Website. Many of us having the good video content but their channel is not popular one as others and not getting the more clicks and views because channel owner can’t see social user engagement stats and as you already know social networking plays the vital role to get more views. You can analyse social engagement status on YouTube videos to track how well your video performing on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit , StumbleUpon and more along with the comments and likes count.

Go to the website named vidiq and download the chrome extension to your browser and also register on website with your YouTube channel for which you want to track the performance. Once you are done with installation, move to your YouTube channel and click any of the video which you want to get the detailed report. On the right-side on top of the Related videos you’ll see the vidiq report. It’ll shows your current video status with no. of views, comments on YouTube and also comments, shares and likes on other social networks as shown in image below.
VidIQ vision helps you to understand why videos are displayed in search, Related videos and recommended videos. The higher the vidIQ score out of 100, the more chances to be get organic and youtube search clicks. See average video watch time for not only your video but any of the video which you are looking at. It also suggests you the best Description and also the best no. of links to add.

Share to massive audience and Try to get maximum VidIQ score to be more popular and VidIQ going to helps you to analyze and suggest. Just Use it and make necessary changes in keywords and links to get more hits on your channel which in turn maximize your revenues.


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