Google Search Engine Algorithm update to Punish Doorway pages

Google Quality team for the search engine working to penalize the web spam pages to improve the search experience of users. Google research and quality assurance team focused to maximize the better search experience and punish the Doorway pages, which are mainly created for the search engine and not for the users.

Sometimes when user search by Typing the query or phrase into the search box and might get the results that all goes to the same site. So if user clicks on one result and dislike the content and come back again and click on the next result and it leads to the same site and again user fails to get the quality results. So its really annoying experience of web surfer.
Google quality team concentrated to avoid the spam results which are mainly made for the search engine and ranking and not for the user through its spamy activities. Doorway pages is the best example it. Make sure Doorway pages or sites are totally irrelevant to the landing pages. Landing pages adds some value and provides the useful material but Doorway pages are just crap and spam.

What is Doorway Pages ? –

Pages which are made to rake higher for specific search queries. Its bad for users as it lead users to the same pages for the multiple search terms and not useful to the users. It also lead users to the intermediate pages which is not useful as well. See some example of the Doorways below.

  • Multiple domain or sites targeted for the specific cities or region that funnel users to the one page
  • Pages that are generated to funnel users to the relevant portion of the site.
  • Similar pages that are very closer to the search result than the clearly defined one

If you are spammer and ranking spammy content through Doorway pages then its the bad announcement for you because Google quality team decided to change the search experience for better search results and to improve the quality search experience. Google team is currently testing the stuffs and its been announced on the official Google Webmaster central blog.

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