Microsoft to launch Email security for Office 365

Microsoft giant implementing one more layer of security for the Office 365 users. Its the threat protection mechanism available to the commercial office 365 email users. Microsoft promises the Added security to the Office 365 users against the Malicious software and attacks. Email are analyzed before they are sent of received.

Microsoft Office 265 email security checks for the Malware that could be embedded with the Message. Microsoft offers the increased email security at affordable rate of $2 per month. It will available to single user as well as for the multiple group of system. It also has the advanced tracking feature for the organization.
As per the reports Microsoft currently testing and implementing the security feature and as it will be done completely, it’ll be available to the public. Interesting news is that it will be available to the multiple group of users or organization at the affordable monthly charges. Microsoft Corporation launched this email security feature when company announced a decline in malware attacks for its Android OS users. If reports are to be believed, Microsoft clearly identifies the malware risks that users are exposed to.

By activating this feature users need not to worry  about the Security of Email. Malicious and Threaten Email which are intended for stealing something or damage the system get trapped by the Email security feature of Office 365. Hope this Extra layer of the Office 365 users helps the Organization keep secured and makes the threat free conversations.

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