Remove Post Footer between the Blogger posts

Are you Bored with default Blogger look which shows the social network sharing links, Author name, labels, comment link and want to remove entire block between the posts? If yes then follow the easy guide below. You can customize the look by modifying the template HTML code, but we’ll not do in that way because small mistake in the code change affects the working and layout of the blog. But if you are going to change the HTML then don’t forget to Backup it first. Don’t worry, here we’ll see easy step and no need to save the existing template.

Our previous article was on Customize Header Size in blogger and we have performed the css modification steps. same way move to the blogger custom template designer. Just go to the Blogeer Dashboard> Template> Customize> Advanced> Add css. Here on the right-side box add the below code to hide the post-footer line and see the changes on the fly.


Apply the changes and view the blog. Now there must be no footer-bar between the posts on homepage. Here you’ve successfully removed the post footer between the posts but here you’ll find the light padding box instead. so the entire block isn’t removed. Let me tell you it is the default Padding code to the footer. You can remove it. Just add the below line to css to remove the padding.

.post-footer{padding: 0px 0px;}

Now you’ll find the complete removal of the footer block. But it’s not looks professional because there is no separation line between the posts. So it’s important to add the line between the posts. To do that just add the below line along with the previous css code.
border-bottom: 2px solid
So the final code looks like:
.post-footer{padding: 0px 0px; border-bottom: 2px solid}
You can add the line of your choice like dotted or full. change the color and thickness of line according to your needs.

You are done here !
Thanks and happy Blogger Customization.

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