Facts about Adsense CPC and Blocked Ads

Adsense is the very popular Ad monetize program by Google. Advertisers who wants to promote their product or service, signup through Google Adwords program and decide how they want to display ads according to Banner and link ads size and then also specify how much they want to pay per click, when user click on their Ads. So Advertiser decides the CPC amount as per the competition they had. If the competition is very low then they pick the lowest budget and CPC to well perform the ad in less budget. Its the basic idea on how advertising happens.


Now lets move to the point on some real facts about Adsense Ad serving and why you should not block the Adsense ads even they are of low CPC. People sometimes gets the low CPC (0.01, 0.05, 0.08) when user click on the ad. But getting low Adsense CPC does not mean that you are not displaying the best Adsense Ads. Its upto google how they display Ads. But i want to recommend you check Several reasons for Irrelevant Ads Appear on your Page. By Following this guidelines you may allow your site to display better Adsense ads. Its all depends on Niche of the blog on how you get the CPC (Cost Per click) but you have to make sure that you are not blocking any pages in robots.txt for Ads to be appear.

Adsense Never Display Irrelevant Ads if you use Ad. Targeted Niche –

Adsense Ads are displayed on your website according to the Niche of your Blog contents. So, if you are having the very high quality and competition niche then you gets the best relevant ads to your content but if you are having the very worst niche that not targeted by any of the Advertiser then chances of getting relevant ads are quite low. Which in turn gives you some random low quality Ads to your blog. So Its best idea to pick the high quality Ad. Targeted niche.

Not Relevant Ads. Means not High CPC –

When your site displaying irreverent Ads due to the worst content on the blog then you might not get high Adsense CPC because there is no Advertiser related to your content. Adsense Serves best Ads to the relevant content such that it have more chances to be clicked by viewers. Even you won’t get the high Click through rate (CTR) because people only interested in Ads which best fits the blog content and interest.

People Claiming that they are getting High CPC after blocking the LOW CPC Ads but the fact is that they are Getting high CPC due to the following reasons

  • High quality Ad. Targeted Niche (Help to serve high competition ads.)
  • Traffic from the USA, UK, CANADA (Advertisers Spent more on that Traffic)
  • Traffic Directly from Search engine (serve most relevant content Ads.)
  • Type of the Ads Used in the Blog (Mixed Image and text give high CPC)
  • Ads served based on User Browsing History.
  • Larger Ad unite always gives more per click (Cover major area of blog)
  • Lesser Ad unite gives better CPC (AD unite loaded first in blog have high Advertising Cost) –
  • Don’t Trust me – Try it Out by minimizing Ad unite per page.

Note – If you Have Blocked the Some of the Adsense Ads then you might face the following Issue.

Blog Run Out of Ads –

Your blog might run out of Ads if the Advertisers budget get reached the daily limit and if you blocked some of the Ads even they are of low quality then there is no chances to be appear those ads when your blog not serving any Unblock ads due to budget limit of Advertisers. So you gets the less pageviews even your blog had the maximum traffic. So its recommended to display All the Ads in your Worst Niche to Maximize Pageviews and Revenues.

I had experience on the Same. Once i blocked all the Low quality ads on my blog then i got the notification from the Google to Unblock all the Ads that i have blocked such that they can serve better ads related to contents of the posts and niche. I then unblocked all the Ads and realized that it gave me more pageviews. So i think my blog was not serving the ads at the end of the day when Advertisers budget limit reached.

One more thing i learnt is That, We are Blocking the Ads categories Even they are not displaying in our Blog and far distinct from the Niche type. Those ads are served only when nothing is to be served by Adsense. So its better to allow all ads such that we can’t run out of ads and can maximize the revenue.
Hope you got better understanding on Adsense CPC and Ad serving. Give your Ideas on the Same. Any comment would be appreciated !

Best Trusted PPD Ad Network Without Survey

There are lots of Pay Per Download (PPD) Ad networks available to Monetize your Downloadable file on the web and get paid on each download. On our Previous Post we have discussed about the Most Popular PPD Networks which pays you minimum $1 Per download If you haven’t seen the Popular PPD network list yet. Then Have a Look Once – 20+ Most Popular and Trusted PPD Networks. The PPD Ad networks which pays More than $1 are with Surveys. So if anyone wants to download the File you uploaded then they are prompted to complete the Advertising survey before Download and after successful completion the file will be available to them to download. Many Users not download the file just because of survey and they just left the website. So if your site have more quality visitors and don’t want to irritate them by Prompting the survey then Its better to use the PPD Ad Network Without the Survey.

I stumbled across lots of site and Found one Popular but Little underground Ad network Which Allows you to Earn without Prompting the Survey. You just need to Click on the Download button and The Download will start Automatically after filling up the Captcha code and you as a file owner Made the Money Per each download. Earnings May Very According to the File Size and the Region where its Downloaded. The Site I Got found is the Rapidgator. It is the Very Popular and more user trusted site which Pays per Download without Survey. The Earnings of the PPD without survey is less than the PPD with Survey.

Why People Loves Rapidgator As a Best No-Survey Ad Network ?

  • It is Totally Free
  • Having the Unlimited File Storage and Longer Lifespan.
  • Files will be deleted after 60 days since last download.
  • Highest earnings among competitors.
  • Pay Per Download & Pay Per Sell Features.
  • Faster Web, FTP and Remote Uploads
  • 3Mbit/sec free download speed and Unlimited premium download speed
  • Fast, secure and easy Download

PPD File Size and Earnings Per Download

The Table below shows the current PPD File Size and earning rates. (Retrieved at 10/30/2014 from the Official Rapidgator Website). This may vary at any time.
The Group* denotes the Country groups. Means the Download file from the Country location United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Canada residing in the Group 1. Countries like Japan, Kuwait, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand belonging to Group 2. and so on. So your Earnings depends on the Location of the User who downloaded the file. If you have high United states, UK or Canada visitors then you’ll earn more per Download.

Rapidgator also pays per Sale. If you want to start using Rapidgator as affiliate marketing to sale the Product then It is also having the great commision rates. you get 50% of the purchased premium accounts + 50% from rebills. Isn’t It the Cool ?

I Personally experienced the Rapidgator as the best PPD without Survey Ad. network out there which pays maximum compared to other competitors. Why Don’t you Try own By Just registering it for free. – Try It Now (Register and Use Free)

Top 20+ Pay Per Download (PPD) Ad networks

Earning money online is easier if you know the ways to make money online. We can generate the autopilot income monthly by several online money making methods. Lots of the web masters around the globe making money on the move and enjoying the life by sharing the stuffs. tons of ways to make money online like selling the services, Writing the paid articles, Writing own blog and attract direct advertisers to get advertising offer, Using Publisher network like Adsense, media net and more, Freelance services, Earn money by uploading the videos on YouTube and much more. Today lets see one of the Way to earn by Just Uploading the Files.
Pay Per Download (PPD) ad-network is the Advertising network like other CPC, CPM, PPV, PPI network. Lots of PPD sites available to the Internet which allows you to Monetize your website with PPD ad networks and earn money from it.

What is PPD Network or Site –

PPD is the Advertising network which gives money when someone downloads the File you uploaded on the Internet. You can upload the files of any type like Software, Music, Video, Document files (PDf, word etc.) but you should aware that it does not violate the copyrights. Upload the Files which you finds more interested to the users and upload it on the web and monetize it using the PPD site. Now when user click on download the File you uploaded they are prompted with the one survey they need to fill up. By completing that survey they are prompted with the original Software download. Its just easy as that.

Payout Rates per Download –

Best PPD sites pays more per download. They pay minimum $1 per download. When users fills the survey available by the Advertiser and download the files then the Publisher(You) gets the $1 or more as the Payout rate specified by the PPD site. Some of the companies pays less per download and you need to pickup the best ad network as per your needs and monetize your website.

How to get more Dollars by PPD Network –

To earn more by the Pay Per download advertising network you must upload the content which are more of user interests and users are forced to download even they requires to fill up the survey before. So the uploaded content must be interesting enough like the Games, Videos, Music, softwares etc. Create the Website Spam free and should have smoother and user friendly interface. Always use the simple template on your site and monetize using the single ppd network.

Popular PPD Networks –

There are lots of PPD and PPI networks available and some of them having the highest payout rate or some of them pays less per download. Let me give you some of the Popular and genuine Ad networks which pays on time using the paypal, wire transfer or in more form. The PPD sites listed below having the More Trust in users and is popular among the users. Go through the below PPD networks and start monetizing with one of network which best fits your needs.

1) fileice.net
2) purebits.net
3) sharecash.org
4) dreamcash.org
5) cleanfiles.net
6) impremium.org
7) tinyupload.net
8) safefile.com
9) firal.net
10) dollarupload.com
11) uploadcash.org
12) shargate.com
13) sharefilecash.com
14) filefrost.com
15) blv.me
16) astrocash.org
17) linkbucks.com
18) Adworkmedia.com
19) Filegeek.net
20) Fatfile.org
21) Funkyfile.com
22) Filecashupload.com

Final Words –

These all are the very popular networks and more trusted by users. There are wide range of paid proof on these networks. You can try the one and some of the networks are newer but more trusted and effective PPD payout rates. Hope you understand the way to make money by monetizing the website using the PPD ad networks and found this List of websites useful. Which PPD Ad network you trust more ? Let me know in the comment box below.

Thanks !