YouTube Added More languages: Make it 76 in Total

World’s number one online Video stream service YouTube which is owned by Google added the Few more language support to its site. Navigate to the website by your local language and Enjoy the surfing experience. Video streaming and sharing website added 15 more languages to the existing list of supportive languages and make total 76.


According to YouTube 76 languages covers the 95 % of internet users by its native tongues. Choosing the one of your choice will translate the Website’s Link, buttons and text. Moreover Videos have the caption support for 165 languages.

YouTube added the Following native languages to its current list.

Azerbaijani – Azərbaycan (az), Armenian – Հայերեն (hy) , Georgian – ქართული (ka) , Kazakh – Қазақ Тілі (kk) , Khmer – ខ្មែរ (km), Kirghiz – Кыргызча (ky), Lao – ລາວ (lo), Macedonian – Македонски (mk), Mongolian – Монгол (mn), Myanmar (Burmese) – ဗမာ (my), Nepali – नेपाली (ne), Punjabi – ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (pa), Sinhala – සිංහල (si), Albanian – Shqip (sq), Uzbek – OʻZbekcha (uz).

Check the Full list of the Languages in the Image. Hope this local language helps the users to get access to the YouTube feature in local languages. You can change the Language of your preference from the bottom of the YouTube page. This added languages helps to get more users to YouTube by the Time.

YouTube also announced the change in the Video UI by making the design more handful and easier to the users. New design replaces the Solid control bar with Gradient one and also simplifies the icons.

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