Know how much you Addicted to smartphone

Nowadays smart phone used by peoples everywhere on the move and peoples can’t live without their phone and they more frequently checks their mobile for social network interaction, phone calls and smart applications. If you are one of them and get addicted with smartphone and want to distant yourself from smartphone then now you can. Researchers of university of Bonn in Germany developed an app which measures your phone usage and monitor each activity on your phone.

Yeah It is the nice mobile software for anyone who wants to minimize their phone usage. The App named Menthal stores each your interaction record like when you open the app, Use the app, talk to the person, text the person and how much time you spent with each of them. This all data get stored on application vault.


With this app you can identify which application is used by you more frequently and by which you are more addicted and then Menthal application software gives you the detailed chart as above how you spend your time with smartphone in hours. Afterwards you can control yourself from using the targeted application and minimize your phone usage and can concentrate on other important works 🙂 This application requires Android 4.0 Or above.

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Hope you’ll find this app helpful. State your views below on this article.

Keep your mind Refreshed with Smiling Mind

Smiling mind is the application for the Android and iOS devices which makes it simple and easier to control your mind bad thoughts and remove your stress and give happy feeling to your mind. You laugh when you feel something good and its the direct reflection of your thoughts in mind. Now a days its hard to find smile and happier mind on every single face. But let this Smiling mind app helps you to make yourself happier by Mindfulness Meditation.

There are lots of people around us who faces the problems because of their reaction over the situations and which form depression and stress in the mind. Sometimes it leads to mental and physical illness. Its better to control our bad thoughts because majority of people having several types of mental diseases due to their bad thoughts only. This Smiling Mind application is designed for creating happier and healthier mind with mindfulness meditation.
Application having the several Meditation Programs which helps you to make your mind happier. Categories includes Bite Size, 7-11 Years, 12-15 Years, 16-22 Years, Adults, Extended Meditations etc.

This Application comes under the Health & Fitness category in App store. There are also other best Android Health Fitness apps and Weight loss applications in Store. All that apps people found helpful in their daily life. Smiling mind is one of it and is used for treatment of resilience, anxiety, stress, depression or any other mental illness. People reviewed this application as the best and loved to use it. Download Smiling Mind for Android and iOS platforms.

Give it Try and Be happier 🙂

Identify the Caller Name while you are Driving or away from the Android Phone

Suppose you are driving a car and your phone in the Pocket rings and you are not able to pickup or view the phone then to identify who is calling without viewing the phone becomes the harder. unidroid made it easier by their Smart mobile application. Caller Name Announcer is the Application which let you announce the caller Name when you receives the New call and it announce the call from your Phone directory and if the contact does not exists in the directory then it announce as unknown.

Image Credit – unidroid

Caller Name Announcer is the new application available on the Android stores uses the built in Android Text to Speech engine which speaks the caller and SMS sender name. It also reads the contents of the SMS. If your smart device does not have the Text to Speech library than you could download it from Android Play store.

Caller Name Announcer Features and Capabilities –

  • Announce the caller and SMS sender name if exist, If does not exists in the contact lists, call it Unknown
  • Speaks the SMS sender name and contents as well
  • Its easy to customize the caller Name announcer Application
  • Enable/Disable speaking caller/SMS sender Name and Enable/Disable reading Contents of SMS
  • Ringtones/Volume/Text to Speech Settings
  • Requires the Android 2.3 and up version

Download the Caller Name Announcer for your Android Smart device and let device speaks for your Call and SMS.

Android 5.1 Lollipop update with added security feature

Google launched the Android latest Lollipop operating system which is the Android 5.1, update of the existing lollipop 5.0. Android launched the new version of the lollipop faster because there were little issues and bugs in the previous lollipop 5.0 version. They already launched the 5.0.1 lollipop update for the Nexus devices and once again they pushed the new Lollipop 5.1 update to the Android devices.

Added features in Android Lollipop 5.1 device –

  • Improved stability and performance
  • Multiple Sim card support
  • Device protection
  • High definition (HD) voice phone calls
  • Quick settings access to join WiFi networks and control Paired Bluetooth devices

You can Enjoy the High definition, crystal clear voice in the phone calls and from the quick settings options manages the WiFi and Bluetooth.
Device protection is the important feature among all. It helps when your device lost or stolen. Device will remain locked until you signed into your Gmail account. Even its been factory reset, it asks for the Gmail login credentials to access the device. This protection feature will be available in most of the Tablets shipped with Android 5.1 in addition to the Nexus  6 and Nexus 9 devices.

Device protection is the best security feature in the Android device. Smartphone users across the globe who deals with the security appreciated this new change and updations. This announcement on the New Android version made on the Official Android Blog.

Encrypt Android 5.0 Lollipop to Secure Phone Data

Android recently launched new version Lollipop 5.0 and it gives the unique feel to the users. It is promising more security than the previous versions of the Android operating system. It is important to get more secured device in this threaten world. Android Lollipop have new lock screen and the system also having the Advanced smart lock feature. Now one more security feature it promises to secure the Entire phone data by Encrypting the Phone. Follow our guide on How to Encrypt Android 5.0 Lollipop device for security purpose.

Phone Encryption encrypt the files, apps, settings and accounts everything inside the phone and to decrypt the data you need to give pattern or password you gave while you power on the device. The other way to decrypt the phone is to perform the factory data reset which erase all the phone data.
All new devices will come with the Encryption enabled by default. But if you want to Enable the Encryption in existing Mobile phone, you need to upgrade your older version to the Newer version i.e. Lollipop and then you have two options available to encrypt the phone data.

Encrypt Phone after updating the existing Android version to Lollipop

1) The first and easy working method to enable encryption is from the Settings > Security. Inside the security you’ll find the Encryption option and by tapping on Encrypt Phone you are forced to Secure your Phone data but as this entire encryption process may take hour its recommended to fully charge your phone before going through this steps otherwise you may loss your data. This entire process time depends on the data you already have in the device.

2) Another method of Making the encryption of device though Factory reset. When you’ll do the hard factory reset then your device will work as the brand new Lollipop phone and encrypt entire phone data. Enable factory reset by tapping the Settings> Backup & Reset > Factory Reset.
It’ll take some time to factory reset the phone and assign the new function of Encryption as it comes with the new Lollipop devices.

Note – For Above two methods to work you need to First Upgrade your Existing version to Lollipop.

Start upgrading your phone to the Lollipop to make it more secure than ever !